Bubbe Butter Salve

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The original butter was developed for use on hair and skin.
It is a super gentle organic formula, where each ingredient is optimized to form a silky harmony of happiness for all of your family’s needs.
Apply to body, face and hair for maximum hydration.
Available in large or small.

Chap Salve

A simple blend of olive oil and beeswax with peppermint and bergamot for chapped areas of the face and body.

It has a smooth texture that is never tacky.

Apply to lips, hands, feet, elbows and dry patchy areas.

Cold Salve

The original butter blend with added essential oils to help ease a cold or yuckiness.

Fresh, woodsy, and crisp aroma that uplifts the spirits.

Apply to the upper chest and between the toes.

Sleep Salve

An intentionally relaxing step before bed helps calm the brain and prepare the body for snoozing.
Bubbe Butter base blend with lots of lavender and chamomile with cedar base notes.
Apply to the temples, under the nose, or during a nighttime massage.